3 Small Things Italians Want You to Know When You Vacation in Italy

09 August 2017

If you are heading to Italy for your next vacation, then you have probably already researched tips for traveling to Italy. Although you have no doubt learned some of the basics, there are many things about staying in Italy that you can only learn from the locals! The following are 3 small but important things that Italians want travelers to know when they come visit Italy.

#1: Your electronics won't work (without help)

You will need a travel plug for Italy in order to use your personal electronics during your stay. A travel plug for Italy allows you to plug your device into a travel plug adapter for Italy, which then plugs into an electronic outlet. In addition to purchasing a travel plug adapter for Italy, make sure your electronics have the correct voltage.

#2: You don’t hail taxis

In Italy, you need to call a taxi service or wait at a taxi cab stand in order to book a taxi cab. If you try to hail a taxi on the street you will be ignored—and be given looks by the locals.

#3: Daily schedules and business hours are different

You may experience culture shock on your first day in Italy if you don’t know that people’s schedules differ wildly from the typical schedule in the United States. In Italy, dinner hours are between 7:30 PM and 9 PM, and you won’t be able to find a restaurant with a dinner menu before then. Additionally, most businesses close in the afternoon between 1 PM and 4 PM so that employees can eat lunch and relax with family. If you’re in a tourist-heavy area you may find businesses which cater more to an American schedule, but if you’re anywhere else you will have to adapt.