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Years of experience

OREI TRAVEL is a subsidy of OREI, an American electronics manufacturer. OREI’s founders, brothers Mubashir and Fuzel Shethwala, draw on over 15 years of experience in the retail of international electronics and dual voltage products to help travellers find the accessories they need for any travel destination. Since founding OREI in 2011, the Shethwala brothers have thoroughly researched sockets around the world, travelling to various countries and developing a real understanding of what is needed to create safe, reliable travel accessories, like travel adapters. They are proud to offer travel products and adapters made with the highest quality material and safety in mind.

High quality travel adapters

OREI Travel products adhere to the same mandate as their other electronics products - crafted from quality materials, made with safe and reliable designs, undergoing detailed tests and inspections by expert technicians, and supported by excellent customer service. One of the biggest challenges facing people who travel to different countries on a regular basis is finding not only the correct travel adapter for their destination country, but one that works well, consistently and has a long lifespan. OREI Travel has developed a power adapter search engine that will ensure their customers and visitors to this site can easily find the adapter they need.

Wide range of travel products

Power adapters aren’t the only travel accessories available on OREI TRAVEL. The products page also features a range of portable USB Battery packs and a selection of TSA locks. OREI TRAVEL provides a lifetime warranty on each Single Country Travel Adapter, and a two-year warranty on the All-in-One M8 Adapters and all other travel products.

Expert guides

Travel blog

Take advantage of OREI TRAVEL’s expertise by browsing the travel blog. It features expert tips and advice on everything from selecting a power adapter to packing for your next business trip.

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