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Why do I need a travel adapter plug?

Not all outlets are created equal. Every part of the world has a different outlet style, which means that the plugs you use on a daily basis at home may not fit in the outlets in, say, Italy or China. Travel adapter plugs provide an output that matches your destination country, while accepting the plugs for your current devices.

How do I know which adapter plug I should purchase?

All outlets are sorted into different types based on the unique styles - these types are the organized by country. To determine which adapter you should purchase, first find out the type of outlet used in your destination country. Next, decide how many devices you need to plug in while you travel - and if they require standard plugs or USB connectors. Last, visit our Adapter Search Engine and enter the data - we’ll provide you with a list of adapters that’ll fit the bill.

What is the difference between OREI’s Single Country, Single Country with USB port, M8 and M8 plus adapters?

Single Country adapters (both Single Country and Single Country with USB port) work for just one type of outlet - though that one type could be compatible with multiple countries. The Single Country adapter accepts two standard plugs while the Single Country with USB port adapter accepts two standard plugs and one USB connector.

M8 and M8 Plus adapters work for multiple countries (see the product specs for the full country list); they have sliding prongs that can be selected based on the destination country. The M8s accept three devices - on standard plug and two USB devices. The difference between the M8 and the M8 plus is that the M8 Plus is grounded, while the M8 regular is not.

What is the difference between grounded and ungrounded outlets?

Remember learning about how electricity works in high school? Then you may remember that electricity must flow in a circuit - it flows from one terminal (hot) to another (neutral), after travelling through your device, of course. Grounded plugs provide an additional level of protection against electric shock - if a wire comes loose in the machine being powered, the electric surge goes to the “ground” prong instead of into the machine where it could cause fire or give you a harmful shock. Grounded outlets provide a spot for the ground prong to fit; ungrounded outlets do not.

Can a single country have multiple outlet types?

Yes. Some countries, like American Somoa, Bangladesh, Burma, Cuba, Denmark, Greenland and others all have more than two types of outlets.

Do I need a voltage converter/transformer along with my adapter plug?

Not always. Electronics like cell phone chargers or laptop chargers are designed to operate on a wide range of voltages, ranging from 100 to 240V or 120 to 240V. This means that a travel adapter plug will provide enough power to your device, regardless of the country you’re in.

However, a lot of electronics sold in North America run only on 120V. This means that you will need a voltage converter when travelling to countries where the output is 220V (which is most of the world). OREI Travel Adapters don’t convert voltage, so confirm the input voltage rating on your device prior to travelling to determine if you need a converter on your trip.

Why are the OREI adapters the safest on the market?

Our unique design for the inner metal structure ensures that the electricity goes through the adapter to the appropriate destination (your device). All of our products are tested multiple times by experts to ensure safety and reliability.

How do I replace fuse in the M8 or the M8 plus adapters?

Replacing the fuse in the M8 and M8 plus is easy:

  1. Take a screwdriver, coin or something similar and place it in the slot on the bottom of the device.
  2. Turn it counterclockwise.
  3. Remove the broken fuse.
  4. Place a new fuse of the appropriate size in the holder into the adapter.
  5. Replace the lid and secure closed.

Spare fuses are available at electronics retailers and many online stores.

What is the difference between voltage converter and travel adapter?

TSA Locks

Why do I need a TSA Lock?

Travel Sentry Approved locks are locks that can be opened by security agents at the airport. During luggage transport, it may be necessary for security personnel to check your bags. With a TSA Lock, they can open your luggage, check it and then close it up, without having to damage your luggage or lock.

What is the difference between a TSA lock and other luggage locks?

Travel security is able to open and close TSA locks without damaging the lock or luggage. Other luggage locks cannot be opened by travel security, which means they will have to break the lock or open the luggage by damaging the bags.

What are the specifications for the OREI TSA locks?

  • Size: 1.5 x 0.5 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces (pack of 3)
  • Color: Silver, Blue & Red

For the full specifications, visit the TSA Lock product page.

Portable USB Battery Packs

Why should I purchase a USB Battery pack?

Portable power is a rarity nowadays. Everything needs to be charged, but if you’re not near an outlet, or if you’ve forgotten your power cords at home, you can still charge your phone or tablet. This is especially helpful if you’re going on a long road trip or hike.

What are the specifications for the OREI Portable USB Battery Pack?

For the full specifications on each of our portable battery packs, visit our products page

Company FAQs

Where are you located?

Chicago, IL


Do you offer any warranties on your products?

Yes! We offer a lifetime warranty on our TSA Locks, Single Country Travel Adapters and Single Country with USB Travel Adapters. We also offer a 2-year warranty on our Portable Battery Packs, M8 and M8 Plus adapters.