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2 USB - Type B

2 USB - Type B

$ 14.99 USD

better conductivity

New conductivity design - internal metal interfaces provides better conductivity.

max capacity

Max Capacity Up to 3000 Watt (max 250 Volt, 13 A).

make sure about plug

This Adapters only change the Plug it will not convert voltage. Make sure your device supports the voltage of the country you are travelling to.

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How to use it?

Simple Plug and Play -- Insert your device plug in to the adapter and plug the adapter into outlet. This adapter accepts 2-Prong and a 3-Prong Plug. This adapter also allows you to charge a USB device simultaneously.

2 USB - Type B


Fine technical details

  • Size
  • 2”x2”x2”
  • Input
  • 2 USB Only, does not accept plugs
  • Weight
  • 4oz
  • Model name
  • W2U-B
  • USB output
  • 2x DC5V3.4A
2 USB - Type B

* Check the specifications of your equipment and the voltage standards for your travel destination prior to using the adapter without a voltage converter.

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